becoming the best versions of ourselves

Sxsters of aKDPhi are proud to uphold 5 pillars: Sxsterhood, Scholarship, Leadership, Asian-Awareness, and Service.


Sxsterhood is the basis of our organization. Our bonds are unique and strengthen every day through our special experiences. We share the same goals of sustaining lifelong friendship and empowering one another.


We highly value our academics. We encourage our sxsters to strive for academic excellence as well as inspire others. UTD aKDPhi provides opportunities for peer mentoring, study groups, and academic workshop.


Our goal is to push our sxsters into becoming ambitious leaders in their community. aKDPhi provides networking opportunities through our vast community of sxsters. UTD aKDPhi proudly supports its sxsters leading both in the sorority and in external organizations.


UTD aKDPhi embraces culture and promotes Asian-Awareness on campus. Our sxsters celebrate and explore culture through workshops and performing at events hosted by the UTD Multicultural Center.


Our sxsters work to give back at the campus, community, and nation-wide levels. UTD aKDPhi has volunteered at organizations such as Feed My Starving Children, The Dallas Arboretum, and the Richardson Animal Shelter. Learn more about our involvement with philanthropy here.